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Investment Magazine provides in-depth, monthly analysis of trends and developments for all the businesses in which superannuation funds engage – including asset allocation, investment manager selection, custody and fund accounting, member administration, group insurance and compliance.

The business of doing business with super funds is also covered, with all of the challenges facing funds managers, asset consultants, third-party investment administrators, member administrators, group insurers and software suppliers to all of these receiving regular column inches.

The magazine – edited by Simon Mumme – also covers the activities of non-superannuation fiduciary funds, the most notable in Australia being the Future Fund.


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Simon Mumme became a fnancial journalist through a stroke of luck. Upon graduating with a Master of Journalism from The University of Queensland in 2006, he set out to fnd a news organisation that would employ him as an overseas correspondent or business reporter. Or both, ideally. Conexus Financial hired the bright-eyed cadet, and in the ensuing years he wrote for all of its titles until being appointed editor of Investment Magazine in June 2010. Under his guidance, the magazine continues to dominate the Australian institutional investment media through its authoritative, insightful and engaging feature stories and analysis.

Outside of work, Simon trains keenly in Muay Thai kickboxing, revels in the surf breaks fringing the Sydney coastline and reads as much high-quality journalism and non-fiction writing as he can. Committed to his role as a niche business reporter, Simon is aware that an overseas posting as a correspondent still eludes him. He hopes Conexus can help him with that career goal too.