Sheridan holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney.

John Williams

John Williams, a chartered accountant with 18 years experience, is the Managing Director of Lumina Outsourced Accountancy Solutions. Lumina acts as a specialist outsourced accounting and finance department for businesses operating in Australia, delivering proven solutions to meet management and parent entity requirements, and ensuring that the business remains compliant from a financial and an accounting perspective.

John is a leading commentator and advisor on accountancy and compliance to the funds management industry in Australia. He is responsible for the accounting and finance department for several prominent Australian fund managers, including PIMCO – an organisation John has acted for 12 years.

John also assists numerous internationally-owned businesses that are at various stages of development, from start-up through to fully established businesses, in the Australian market.

Teresa Hope

Teresa started her career in the banking and finance sector in lending with NAB before adding office management and events production to her experience. She has worked in the finance industry since 1998 with two of Australia’s leading finance publishing and events companies. At InvestorInfo, while being the Company Secretary she also assisted in the public listing of the Company.

After a period of self-employed conference production work she spent time at market intelligence and research consulting firm brandmanagement.

Currently the CFO and HR manager for Conexus Financial, she is also the Company Secretary for the company.