9:00am - 9:05am


This session considers the challenges faced by the whole insurance industry, both locally and abroad. Further analysis will consider the role for international best practice, AI and behavioural economics in improving engagement.
  • Is there an ongoing role for group insurance within superannuation?
  • Can insurance ever move beyond being a grudge purchase?
  • What innovations can we expect around products, experience and affordability?
A perennial challenge in making life insurance well understood and embraced by the public is the perceived gap between the promise and what is ultimately delivered when it comes time to claim. This session explores the gaps and how a more universal approach or innovations in terms can help to reduce complexity.
  • How does group insurance sit alongside other worker compensation schemes?
  • How do we make sure consumers understand the risks when part-time or unemployed?
  • Would enforcing the voluntary code improve member outcomes?
In its role as prudential regulator for insurance and superannuation, APRA oversees both sides of the provision of group insurance in superannuation. Recently APRA released a letter critical of how insurers and super funds are working together. This session explores the regulatory framework for provision of group insurance in super, with respective specialists from the two APRA divisions. This session explores the overarching regulation of provision of group insurance in superannuation. It also explores the challenges of the current environment, particularly those associated with the stapling aspects of the Your Future, Your Super (YFYS) reforms.
Where are we on the global health pandemic? What are the key drivers that affect pandemic outcomes in different markets? Long COVID - What will be the longer-term mortality and morbidity effects?
11:05am - 11:40am
Healthcare has seen numerous stages of innovation over the decades. This Q&A session explores the quantum shift that will transpire once doctors can map brain pathways and ascertain the cognitive patterns behind depression, confidence and wellbeing, and its implications for work, society and insurance.

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