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Lessons In Consolidating Portfolios In The UK Local Government Pension Scheme

Market dynamics have led to increasing levels of fund consolidation. The process of consolidation is highly time consuming and requires a lot of decision-making. What are the key areas that an investor needs to consider as part of this process?

Hockey stick growth in the 2020s

Lionstone expects migration of people and firms to the “Hockey Stick” of America will be a primary characteristic of the 2020s. Millennials are facing many of the same challenges and opportunities their parents, the baby boomers, did, and are expected to make similar quality of life choices.

Closing the gap

Solving today’s global environmental and social problems demands a combination of money, long term thinking and innovation. We believe that the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals provide a great framework for addressing these problems. However, the aim is to meet the SDGs in less than ten years the deadline is 2030.

Understanding Chinese distressed debt investment

Even as one of the most compelling opportunity sets in the world, Chinese distressed debt investment remains less understood. In this white paper, ShoreVest seeks to give an overview of this asset class and highlight the intricate know-how that makes it a successful investment.

China: Out of lockdown – into recovery

China was the first to experience COVID-19 but it is the first to emerge from lockdown. What does the future hold for China's economy, is there a recovery, and what themes should investors watch out for?