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Investment Transition At TCorp – What Has The Journey Felt Like?

TCorp is nearly four years into a transformational journey toward a risk-based total portfolio approach. With very strong client alignment and without the need to give regard to peer portfolios or be subject to a material profit motive, TCorp has arguably higher ability to leverage several comparative advantages.
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Your Future, Your Super: An Interactive Session

The Your Future Your Super (YFYS) reforms will re-shape the superannuation industry from a structural, investment and outcomes perspective. In this digital break-out session the investment community comes together in a safe environment to discuss their views on YFYS.
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Relatively simple

Complexity is everywhere. And nowhere is its forward march more evident than in the field of investing. Seemingly unabated, the complexity of new products, processes, financial engineering and innovation grows.
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The case for venture

In 2020, there are 4 very powerful and visible phenomena, the convergence of which is likely to bring tremendous change and disruption, much of which will be at the expense of incumbent business models and with significant investment implications.
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Extracting growth alpha in emerging markets

Emerging markets are home to the world’s fastest-growing economies and their long-term equity returns have attracted investment flows. In the past several years, however, many investors may have been disappointed by lacklustre results from their emerging markets allocations.
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Evolving the City of Austin pension fund

David Veal, CIO of the $3 billion City of Austin Employees Retirement System, discussed  private equity, managing strategic relationships, internalisation and adopting Norwegian investment beliefs at a recent Fiduciary Investors Symposium.