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Damien Mu: Welcome

Opening address by co-founding event partner, AIA chief executive Australia and New Zealand, Damien Mu

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Georgie Harman: Healthy minds in uncertain times

The heightened risks associated with isolation, reduced incomes and physical health challenges have exacerbated the mental health challenge across Australia. This keynote explored the challenges posed and solutions available.

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The future of work: Persistent change or back to normal?

This debate will explore whether the workforce can return to normal or if there should be permanent intrusions into the social contract such as constrained movement and perpetual social distancing.

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Artificial intelligence: Big data and scale

Technology continues to develop, enabling insurers and funds to increasingly deploy machine learning to assist members to understand their insurance coverage and the claims process. This session explores the advantages and challenges associated with an AI strategy in insurance.

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Behavioural analysis and insights

So much of nudging a community into safer actions is about communication and embedding better behaviours efficiently. This session discusses examples from health engagement and wellness studies.