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Jack Gray | Market uncertainty, the art of a super fund and the courage to fail

In Episode 37, Alex Proimos speaks with Jack Gray now semi-retired but was the former co-head of asset allocation at GMO Boston, chief investment officer at SunSuper, executive director at AMP Asset Management, adjunct professor of finance at the Centre for Investment Management Research at the University of Technology, Sydney and director and special advisor to Brookvine.
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The current COVID-19 crisis will shine a spotlight on those companies that behave like Dr Jekyll, standing firm on their values, and those that turn into Mr Hyde, shunning all things ESG in the pursuit of profits. Find out which companies are displaying Dr Jekyll traits.
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Nonlinear Thinking in a Linear Market

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom,” wrote science fiction writer Isaac Asimov—a thought that rings true today as policymakers struggle to catch up with what’s occurring in the world. In respect to both the pandemic and its economic and market impact, we are dealing with a situation that is nonlinear. The coronavirus pandemic has been growing at a tremendous pace, and the resulting movement of economic realities is mostly without precedent. It is difficult for humans, who tend to be linear thinking, to adapt. But if we can think in a nonlinear way, I believe we can find investment opportunities.