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Ethical bond for NGS Super

NGS Super has invested $500,000 in a social benefit bond run by Social Ventures Australia and is planning to launch a broader, more diversified ethical option for its members by early 2014. NGS chief executive Anthony Rodwell-Ball said the new bond ticked all the boxes from an investment perspective, and he believes there’s a reasonable […]
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June 2011

In this Month’s Investment Magazine ESG unmasked: who votedin Australia’s first climate-changeresolution, and why Straight out of Baltimore Global small-caps deserveto be a big deal Custodians eye biggermandates
Hedge Funds

Tail wags the dog – modelling tail risk in alternatives

  When it comes to modelling the potential risks and returns of alternatives, trustees continue to rely on mean-variance approaches (such as expected average returns and annual return volatility), but acknowledge it is not the best solution as correlations are non-stationary (that is, can vary over time), and illiquidity and leverage create tail risk. In […]