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Peter Morgan, market animal

Peter Morgan was sitting all alone to one side of a lecture hall at Melbourne Business School. He had just spent two days on Bells Beach and his skin was a dark brown that contrasted strikingly with his sun-and-salt bleached blond hair. When it came time for Morgan to address an audience of finance and […]
Investment Strategy

Macfarlane ignores most business reporting

Ian Macfarlane is content to ignore most business reporting. The former Reserve Bank of Australia governor did, however, read the work of six or so economic reporters. “We talked to the press who had a long-standing commitment to the beat,” says Macfarlane. “Part of your job is getting your message out to the wider public.” […]
Investment Strategy

Sandon Capital – rebel with a cause

When Gabriel Radzyminski was still in high school he rang up the company secretary of a mining company that was issuing stock to one shareholder at a discount. “The company secretary told me they were entitled to do this,” recalls Radzyminski. “They didn’t do anything wrong but I was peeved.” Radzyminski is making a career […]