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Cbus investment fees cut by 18pc

Cbus cut the investment costs on its $31 billion fund from 77 to 63 bps in the past financial year. Scale benefits from renegotiating fee structures, manager consolidations, savings identified through working with new custodian JP Morgan and the diminishing size of a private equity fund of funds portfolio have all led to the cuts. […]

Cbus finds a third way

Most large superannuation funds are looking to increase the amount they manage in-house, but Cbus is resisting the trend and thinks it has found a smarter approach. As a $30 billion Cbus moves up fund size from medium to large fund over the next five years, it is finding greater complexity in achieving further economies of scale. […]
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Strategy rules at Cbus

“The strategy governs the fund completely,” says Steve Bracks, chairman of the Cbus board. “It determines the budget and sets priorities.” Those priorities include positioning the fund to be the “complete” fund that covers the entire building and construction industry, including the 45 per cent it currently doesn’t represent in whitecollar professions such as architecture. “We […]

Funds need a benchmark

Cbus is to be applauded for showing the way in transparency, with its latest annual report disclosing more information about the fund’s investments, director and executive remuneration than ever before. It’s clearly a leader and should be recognised for this; it takes courage to jump ahead of the pack when there is no compulsion to […]