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Hastings is bullish on debt, infrastructure

The executive director of alternative debt at $6.7 billion Hastings Funds Management expects the Australian debt market to no longer be the purview of the country’s banks. Steve Rankine reckons the local bond market will open up to a broader investor base. He says higher equity levels demanded by the Bank of International Settlements will […]
Investment Strategy

UBS Asset Management’s Curt Custard is unhappy

Curt Custard, head of global investment solutions at UBS Global Asset Management, is “very, very disappointed” with his investment banking colleagues. Perhaps even a little mad. But he displays similar sentiments toward US Republican presidential candidates, politicians in general, Europe and John Maynard Keynes. At UBS asset management “nobody is as frustrated as ourselves as […]
Investment Strategy

Paul Taylor, Fidelity’s Australian disciple

In front of Paul Taylor Japanese food sits almost untouched. The Fidelity fund manager is far, far away. He is describing lessons imparted by Peter Lynch in Boston and Anthony Bolton in London. “The time they have to spend with you…I’m amazed,” says Taylor, almost at a loss for words as he contemplated the wisdom […]
Investment Strategy

Angelo Gordon’s Australian love affair

Marsha Roth remembers a time on Wall Street not so long ago when a woman who wanted work could only get a job as a typist. One of the original 15 members of Angelo Gordon & Co., Roth is now a senior managing director and probably very wealthy. She has seen the New York-based firm’s […]