Fiduciary Investors Symposium Digital 2020

Investing for the long term as a fiduciary is complicated, and never more so than the current environment where regulatory and economic paradigm shifts aim to mitigate the health risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic. This conference explores the significant changes present and anticipated as society experiences an unprecedented change in social behaviour, investor confidence and capital allocation.

Session recording and slidesSustainability

The Next Frontier, Sustainable Developments Goals And The Asset Classes

Investors are increasingly looking at integrating sustainability considerations beyond equities. Historically, the integration of sustainability has referred to the application of data and ratings to the investment process. However, given the prominence of the SDGs and greater expectations of the members, what should a deeper level of integration incorporate?
Session recordingSustainability

Core Impact: Avoiding The Greenwash Bubble

As ESG integration gains prominence investors are discerning on greenwashing. While the popular ESG narrative has virtuous intentions in many cases it falls short as exposure to the highly priced FAANGS dominates the portfolio.
Session recording and slidesInvestment strategy

Your Future, Your Super: An Interactive Session

The Your Future Your Super (YFYS) reforms will re-shape the superannuation industry from a structural, investment and outcomes perspective. In this digital break-out session the investment community comes together in a safe environment to discuss their views on YFYS.
Session recordingInnovation

Volatility, Anxiety And Amplifying Mental Fitness

The impact of the pandemic both on financial markets and individuals has been immense. The issue of mental health and anxiety is a societal problem amplified by COVID-19 that requires collaboration by super funds, insurers and employers. What training and resources are available to reduce the stigma of mental health and improve workplaces?
Session recording and slidesInnovation

Innovation, Collaborative Disruption And Diversifying The Economic Base

As the global community reimagines a world post the pandemic there are many new catalysts for innovation - across all aspects of our lives. This session uncovers the characteristics of disrupters, how they collaborate and access capital to spawn future industries and companies that will be both profitable and sustainable in the new world order.
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Relatively simple

Complexity is everywhere. And nowhere is its forward march more evident than in the field of investing. Seemingly unabated, the complexity of new products, processes, financial engineering and innovation grows.

Water disruption: Investment risk from multiple angles

There is a lot of talk about how regulatory reforms connected to climate change will impact financial markets. However, we firmly believe the leading issue, at the end of the day, is that we have been entrusted to look after our clients’ assets and are responsible for returning those assets in better condition than when we received them.
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The case for venture

In 2020, there are 4 very powerful and visible phenomena, the convergence of which is likely to bring tremendous change and disruption, much of which will be at the expense of incumbent business models and with significant investment implications.

Investing in the next innovation supercycles

While the immediate economic shocks from COVID-19 have been dramatic, they likely will seem immaterial when compared to the deluge of tidal waves that have swelled up from the revolutionary innovations and permanent shifts adopted by businesses and consumers to cope with the crisis.

Have the markets become unmoored from fundamentals?

The strong recovery of financial markets in recent months has far outpaced the real economy’s more mixed rebound. We show that a broadly similar divergence has been a feature of every U.S. recession for more than 50 years. Furthermore, the timing of such divergences has typically been a powerful signal of a forthcoming macro recovery.

PGIM Fixed income fourth quarter market outlook

Longer time horizons naturally have a wider window of uncertainty; the more time, the more opportunity for foreseen and unforeseen risks to jump into the picture. However, at this juncture, our perception of time and risk is flipped.

Hockey stick growth in the 2020s

Lionstone expects migration of people and firms to the “Hockey Stick” of America will be a primary characteristic of the 2020s. Millennials are facing many of the same challenges and opportunities their parents, the baby boomers, did, and are expected to make similar quality of life choices.