Rob Fowler: Australia’s ESG activist says measuring impact is critical

Measuring the impact of investments aligned with UN sustainability development goals is something all asset owners are struggling with. However, progress is critical for responsible investing to evolve, says Rob Fowler, former head of investment execution at HESTA.
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Construction workers’ mental health is improving but female and younger workers still struggle

Construction workers are less likely to identify as having a mental health condition than the average Aussie worker and are less stressed overall, according to new research from SuperFriend.
Group Insurance Summit

Insurers strike out at Canberra policy

AIA Insurance chief executive, Damien Mu, warns that Australia is danger of creating an “insurance underclass” of workers who will find it hard to get coverage.
FEAL Annual Conference

New narrative needed to boost shared value investment

The society-changing impact of Australia’s $2.8 trillion pool of retirement savings and how it can incentivise purpose-led businesses was the hot-button topic at the FEAL National Conference.
Chair's Seat

Tasplan’s Naomi Edwards on mergers and ‘unique value’ propositions

Naomi Edwards, chair of $9.5 billion Hobart-based superannuation fund, Tasplan, says many super funds kid themselves over how unique their value proposition is.
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The rising tide: From AI to investments

The business of developing unique algorithms opens opportunities for them to be seen as stand alone products that can be traded or shared, forming the basis of a value proposition.

Illiquidity in managed funds spooks asset owners

Asset owners should worry about liquidity in managed fund investments as recent examples show large illiquid allocations to private market assets which can take considerable time to exit.

Restoring trust in superannuation funds

CX technology can help superannuation organisations meet regulatory responsibilities and reconnect with their members, says a Confirmit consultant.
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ACSI: Companies improve ESG reporting but investors still need more

A review of ESG reporting shows that companies are responding. However, ACSI head Louise Davidson says investors still face issues with the availability and comparability of data.

APRA – the definition of insanity

To the surprise of no-one, the result of the capability review found that APRA was not capable of fulfilling its most basic mandate, Pat McConnell says.

Christian Super launches new funds

Christian Super, the $1.5 billion faith-based superannuation fund, has restructured its investment options and launched two new funds.
Investment Strategy
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Investment Strategy

Aussie investors should diversify into quality US real estate

There’s always a flight to quality when there are stresses in the market and at this point in the cycle institutional investors should focus on the quality of market and the quality of real estate, says JP Morgan Asset Management's Ann Cole.
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PRI announces awards shortlist

The PRI will announce the winners of its inaugural awards in September. The awards are one of two new initiatives aimed at showcasing leadership and increasing accountability as part of its Blueprint for responsible investment.
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Top US fund manager bullish on markets

Ron Temple, head of US equities at Lazard Asset Management, predicts the strong bull run will continue but sees protectionism, and escalating tariffs from a trade war between the US and China, as a lurking danger.

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Opting in vs. opting out: life insurance and the Putting Members’ Interests First Bill

With the new financial year started and the Protecting Your Super (PYS) laws now in effect, the Federal Government has turned its attentions to introducing the Putting Members’ Interests First Bill, a set of measures initially intended as part of the PYS legislation but removed from the final Bill.
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Superannuation accounts a rich target for cyber-crime

 Superannuation funds present unique opportunities for cyber-criminals to attack
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China’s Century? – The economic giant’s next act

Behind China’s brisk expansion, tensions have been brewing. Discover the challenges that China faces in the road ahead, and what it will take to overcome them.
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Fixed Income & Credit Forum

SUITABLE FOR: Heads of fixed income, Portfolio managers, CIOs, Asset consultants

The Fixed Income and Credit forum is designed to examine income strategies across a range of asset classes and over the risk spectrum in areas such as direct loans, and absolute return strategies.

September 17, 2019 - September 18, 2019

Absolute Returns Conference

SUITABLE FOR: Heads of alternatives, Portfolio managers, CIOs, Asset consultants

The Absolute Returns Conference is designed to examine strategies that deliver absolute return outcomes. This includes the case for liquid alternatives and how to gain returns from alternative beta, volatility strategies, and appropriate fee structures.

October 28, 2019 - October 29, 2019

Equities Summit

SUITABLE FOR: Heads of equities, Portfolio managers, CIOs, Asset consultants

The Equities Summit is designed to examine how the exposure and implementation of equity strategies have changed over the years with the evolution of portfolio construction techniques and quantitative and risk analysis.

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TelstraSuper’s Chris Davies wins FEAL Fund Executive of the Year

Chris Davies, chief executive of TelstraSuper, has been awarded the 2019 Fund Executive Association Limited Fund Executive of the Year.

VicSuper appoints Wayne Kayler-Thomson as chair

VicSuper has appointed Wayne Kayler-Thomson as newly-elected chair of the superfund's board, replacing Christine Stewart who moves into the deputy chair position.

David Bell: Sitting on the bench as industry consolidates

Demographics and industry dynamics, along with the funds flow from retail to industry funds and from smaller funds to bigger players, have culminated a situation where most of the industry is in net outflow, says former Mine Super CIO, David Bell.

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Protecting Your Super: Mythbuster

The Senate Economics Committee has recommended that the Putting Members Interests First bill be passed, further restricting default insurance in super.

ASFA’s Martin Fahy flags a change in sentiment

Group insurance can do better, but it’s wrong to say the system is broken, argues ASFA chief, Martin Fahy.

Putting members’ interests first Bill – will it work?

Legislating opt-in only life cover inside super for active members with low balance accounts will harm the insurance industry and hurt many members, Rice Warner says.
Post Retirement
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Mercer: Grattan research flawed and misleading

A campaign by the Grattan Institute against lifting the superannuation guarantee rate to 12 per cent is based on a “misleading” model, according to a new Mercer report released on Thursday. Mercer senior actuary David Knox said the Grattan findings used a series of assumptions that were not realistic for the average Australian.

Risk aversion trumps fund balance in life-cycle fund design   

A key issue in life-cycle fund design is setting the right ‘glide path’ for switching from growth to defensive assets over time. As it turns out, risk aversion is far more important than pension fund balance.

ASIC policy change on living standards a big win for the industry

Research house Rice Warner has backed the corporate watchdog’s move to ensure that estimates produced by superannuation and retirement calculators are adjusted for inflation and rising living costs.