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The last true source of diversification

Stock options are the last source of true diversification, investors were told at the Absolute Returns Conference in Sydney. In a presentation that received close scrutiny and engagement from delegates, Anthony Limbrick, portfolio manager for 36 South, told how growing consensus on diversification was having diminishing returns, in part due to the growing popularity of […]
Hedge Funds

Future Fund’s explains strategic use of FOHFs

The Future Fund is using hedge fund of funds as alternative solution providers rather than as an access vehicle, delegates heard at the Absolute Returns Conference in Sydney. David George, head of debt and alternatives at the Future Fund, revealed how in some instances he was using fund of funds to help with risk systems […]
Investment Strategy

Why does Sunsuper invest in hedge funds?

Sunsuper’s hedge fund program has comfortably beaten global equity returns after fees since 2007. To Bruce Tomlinson, portfolio manager for Sunsuper’s $1.6 billion hedge fund program, this is all the justification he needs for a 16 manager hedge fund program, but who in the industry is paying attention? Anecdotes of hedge funds that did not […]