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Opportunities in Europe

Investors and academics agree that political developments in Greece are important because they may shape how financial markets will respond to future political situations in the Eurozone. But according to Olivier Rousseau, the executive director of the FFR, the French pension reserve fund, there is more hype outside of the Eurozone on the implications of […]
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Smart money on emerging markets

Despite the intense focus on emerging markets, the sector was “still undercapitalised” as a result of short-term profit taking by global institutions, according to Investec Bank global strategist Dr Michael Power. Speaking at the Australian Superannuation Investment Conference (ASI) on the Gold Coast last week, Power said that emerging markets’ share of global market capitalisation […]
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Crawford out, Kent in at AllianceBernstein

James Crawford, a senior portfolio manager at AllianceBernstein, will leave the company at the end of next month. New York-based AllianceBernstein gave no reason for Crawford’s departure. Crawford, an asset manager in the firm’s value equity investment product, did not return calls seeking comment. The investment product that Crawford helps manage was originally a joint […]
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Editor’s pick #7

The “occupy”movement has a woman problem White House can’t quite get itself to condemn violence by Egypt military, so urges only “restraint on all sides.” Human rights of women and girls at ‘extreme risk’ in nearly half the countries in the world<
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EISS slashes manager roster, finalises new consultant

The $2 billion-plus Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme of NSW has shortlisted two international asset consultants as potential replacements for Russell, and has revealed the extent of the investment transformation overseen by FuturePlus CEO Richard Powis and general manager of investments, Michael Block, who arrived in January.