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Mine Wealth + Wellbeing doubles investment team

The $9.3 billion Mine Wealth + Wellbeing fund is increasing its Sydney-based investment team from five to 11, partly in a bid to allocate alternative assets more effectively and to build its retirement options. David Bell, chief investment officer of the fund, has spent the past year making the business case for the expansion, and […]
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Castlereagh is feeling his age

I&T News has a new columnist, one of Sydney’s biggest investors and wheeler-dealers, who goes by the nom de plum, Castlereagh. Not only has my gout flared up again after a big week on the lunch circuit, but I’m scratching my head and wondering if the financial world is passing me by. Here’s the thing. I’m […]
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David Hobart’s unique state of mind

For hedge fund manager David Hobart it’s all about getting one’s head in the right space. That means getting rid of “flawed and reactive” feelings that may interfere with objective investment decisions. Hobart needs to meditate, not in the conventional sense of sitting on the beach and, in his words, adopting the lotus position. What […]
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Angelo Gordon’s Australian love affair

Marsha Roth remembers a time on Wall Street not so long ago when a woman who wanted work could only get a job as a typist. One of the original 15 members of Angelo Gordon & Co., Roth is now a senior managing director and probably very wealthy. She has seen the New York-based firm’s […]
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Credit Suisse hires Evan Reedman

Credit Suisse Group AG hired former Queensland Investment Corp. executive Evan Reedman as head of consultative relationships for asset management in Asia-Pacific. “Evan’s role will be regional, working with institutional investment consultants in Japan, non-Japan Asia and Australia,” says Will Britten, head of asset management for Credit Suisse in Australia, in a statement. Neil Harvey, […]
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Jennifer Cowan leaves Mercer

Jennifer Cowan, who joined Mercer’s global alternatives research unit in 2009 as a senior associate, left the investment consulting company in December as the firm fired people globally to reduce costs. Cowan was part of a team that conducted analysis of unlisted investments in areas such as private equity and credit. She was responsible for […]