CIO profiles

Profile: Oscar Fabian, CIO, VicSuper

VicSuper is about to launch a scientific, analysis-driven approach to enhance its dynamic asset allocation. The project, which has been one year in the making, is pooling sources of information on its investment holdings into a data warehouse. It will use this superior information on the risks and opportunities it faces, to help better inform […]

Infrastructure assets: not a silver bullet for inflation

It is commonly stated that infrastructure helps protect portfolios from inflation, but Justin Webb, associate director of Access Capital and member of the Investment Management Consultants Association & Mike Wright senior associate at Access Capital Partners believe this claim does not always stand up to close scrutiny. It is often claimed that infrastructure investments provide […]
Investment Strategy

Gulf in best practice growing on alternatives

Some funds are “throwing money out of the window” on alternative assets, by not working out clear objectives for their allocations, according to a senior strategist at QIC. Speaking at the Conexus Fiduciary Investors’ Symposium on the Mornington Peninsula, Tony McKenzie, chief strategist for global multi-asset, told of a widening gulf between funds with highly […]
Investment Strategy

Alternatives the robust way to go

A significant allocation to alternatives produces a more resilient portfolio, according to a leading QIC investment manager. The skilful addition of alternative assets to diversified portfolios should produce “robust portfolios which can handle just about everything,” according to QIC head of alternative investments James Dick. Dick, who describes himself as a “proud beta manager,” has […]
Hedge Funds

Solar flair:
the rise of Sunsuper

In late 2005, Sunsuper trustee Peter Annand spoke frankly with the fund’s new chief investment officer. “He said the fund is $6.5 billion and growing and that we have to set up some delegations,” recalls David Hartley, who has been Sunsuper’s CIO for more than six years now. “At the time, every investment decision was […]
Investment Strategy

QIC diversifies, buys into Molpus timber

QIC has increased the exposure to timber in its $225-million Alternative Beta Fund, announcing it has invested with US-based Molpus Woodlands Group as part of a push to further diversify the assets in the fund. James Dick, the head of alternatives investments at QIC, says real assets now make up more than 20 per cent […]