Andrew Baker


Large supers in shopping spree for leading consultants

Large superannuation funds’ hiring spree of leading consultants has continued with the appointment of Andrew Baker of Tria to AustralianSuper. Over the past 18 months, Richard Weatherhead and Thierry Bareau have left Rice Warner to work on the group insurance offering of AustralianSuper, while Guy McAliece has left KPMG to join First State Super in […]

Burden of proof lies with funds over fees

David Murray told me it was “clear” the return from active managers is not worth the extra cost when talking to me the day after the release of the Financial System Inquiry interim report two weeks ago. This is a bold statement when applied to superannuation funds, the best of whom have a reputation for […]
Investment Strategy

Tria: super funds
must change

Superannuation funds are under pressure as investor behaviour changes, particularly because of technology, says Andrew Baker, managing partner at asset management consultants Tria Investment Partners. “Business models of super funds are under a lot of pressure and the degree to which they are has probably been underestimated,” says Baker. “Regulatory changes and markets have been […]
Hedge Funds

Tria report: mergers spur
super fund growth

AMP Financial Services’ merger with AXA Australia saw it claim the greatest market share in 2011, as AustralianSuper reaped the highest net inflows from its expanding membership, analysis by research firm Tria Investment Partners shows. Mergers were the strongest force for superannuation fund growth in 2011, enabling AMP Financial Services to claim 5.1-per-cent market share […]

AustralianSuper’s scale, services rival retail funds

The industry fund rivals the retail giants of superannuation. How did it get so far and how has it changed? Ian Silk made AustralianSuper’s strategy clear when the fund announced its merger with AGEST Super on December 14, 2011. “AustralianSuper is determined to play a leading role in shaping the future of superannuation in this […]
Hedge Funds

The term deposit 'wall' starts to buckle

Cracks are appearing in the ‘wall of money’ standing in term deposits, with the beneficiaries being liquid fixed-income funds, but the outlook for traditional mortgage funds looks bleak according to an analysis from wealth management strategists, Tria Investment Partners.