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When a currency hedge is not a hedge

Surprisingly little research has been done in the area of how a superannuation fund should hedge out its foreign currency exposure, says Robert Goodlad, former senior managing director of State Street Global Advisors. As superannuation funds continue to invest more internationally, it is vital that more research be conducted to find better solutions to manage […]
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The Probyn outlook from State Street

“Everyone thinks the Australian dollar is overrated, but it won’t crack this year,” says the chief economist of State Street based in Boston, Chris Probyn, giving Australian investors a great opportunity to buy overseas assets. “On purchasing power parity, everyone thinks the Australian dollar is overrated. But markets can stay irrational longer than investors can […]
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State Street: Aussie dollar is 30% overvalued

The Australian dollar is as much as 30 per cent overvalued and Australian investors should consider their currency exposures on the back of slowing growth in Asia and falling demand for commodities, says the global head of currency management at State Street Global Advisors (SSGA). Boston-based senior managing director Colin Crownover says SSGA’s analysis indicates […]