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QSuper tops member satisfaction scores

QSuper members have the highest satisfaction levels in the industry, with 89.3 per cent satisfied compared to an average of 65.6 per cent, according to Core Data. In a survey of 1,468 fund members, Core Data also found engagement overall has reached a three year high among, with baby boomers overtaking the pre-boomers as the […]
Hedge Funds

Mortgage biggest cohort consideration: REST

Pre-retirees are prioritising paying off mortgages ahead of retirement planning, suggesting cohorts based on debt liabilities should be considered, says Paul Sayer, chief operating officer REST. The findings are based on member research carried out by REST. “People are living longer and thinking about a longer investment horizon, but they want to pay that debt […]
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Vulnerable baby boomers complain more

The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal is seeing a greater number of grievances from retiring baby boomers querying their superannuation benefits, says chair Jocelyn Furlan. Specifically, Furlan says she’s seeing more complaints from baby boomers who have been in super a long time and, having retired from senior roles, feel financially vulnerable in retirement. Furlan said when […]