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Investment Strategy

Paris Climate Conference will have strong implications for super funds: LGS Super

The Paris Climate Conference will be highly significant to institutional investors, not necessarily because of submitted targets, but because of a new regulatory framework to address the issue, according to LGS Super. There’s a target of limiting the global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures, but the current trajectory means the increase […]
CIO profiles

Profile: Craig Turnbull CIO Local Government Super

Some of Local Government Super’s ideas on ESG arise from a requirement that even its most red-blooded active manager must research it as part of their investment process. Chief investment officer, Craig Turnbull, says: “We will only use managers that think about ESG factors when making their investment decisions, so that it is making a […]

Climate change: a fiduciary duty to act

There are many accounts about the severity of pollution that rapid industrialisation has brought to China, and one of the most striking is the example of not being able to see from one end of Tiananmen Square to the next owing to smog. This highlights the dangers that unchecked carbon emissions poses, but the government’s […]