Policy and Regulation

Political climate right for bipartisan support

The political climate is right for bipartisan support on a range of issues facing superannuation, the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) believes. Presenting ASFA’s research into very high superannuation account balances Pauline Vamos, chief executive, said tax concessions provided the starting point for a bipartisan conversation about superannuation’s role in the wider economy […]
Policy and Regulation

Shadow Treasurer wants bipartisan agreement on super objectives

Chris Bowen MP, shadow treasurer, says that a bipartisan agreement on the objectives of superannuation can be reached. Addressing seventeen leaders of the superannuation industry, including chief executives of funds, directors of financial services companies and prominent thinkers, in an event hosted and created by Conexus Financial and Perpetual, Bowen asserted that clear objectives for […]