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Profile: Bob Henricks, chair of Energy Super

Pragmatic, smart on costs and aware of his time coming to an end, Bob Henricks, the long serving chair of Energy Super talks to Investment Magazine. Australian superannuation funds have a reputation as some of the world’s toughest fee negotiators which must make Bob Henricks one of steeliest negotiators anywhere. He objects to the imposition […]
Policy and Regulation

Risk standards: keep them simple

In addressing new compliance standards for risk, QANTAS Super has increased the scope of its trustee liability insurance. The move is one of a range of measures to comply with the new prudential standards framework. The insight from Hugh Loughrey, head of legal, risk and compliance for the fund, was made at an Association of […]
Investment Strategy

First Super invites Tony Abbott to board meeting

First Super, the $1.6 billion fund, has invited Tony Abbott to attend its board meeting in March or June to give the leader of the opposition experience of how employer-employee industry superannuation fund boards work. First Super co-chair Alan Stewart says the invitation to the opposition leader came about as a result of Abbott’s criticism […]
Investment Strategy

Superannuation needs more independent boards

Industry superannuation funds should be able to replace employer or union board members with independents that have the skills and experience to perform as a trustee, says the Australian Institute of Company Directors. “Good governance underpins the confidence we all need to have in the operation of superannuation funds,” says the institute in an email […]