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Why does Sunsuper invest in hedge funds?

Sunsuper’s hedge fund program has comfortably beaten global equity returns after fees since 2007. To Bruce Tomlinson, portfolio manager for Sunsuper’s $1.6 billion hedge fund program, this is all the justification he needs for a 16 manager hedge fund program, but who in the industry is paying attention? Anecdotes of hedge funds that did not […]
Hedge Funds

Top alternatives managers ranked by AUM

Twenty Australian fund managers feature in Towers Watson’s listing of the top 100 alternative investment managers. In a list dominated by real estate and hedge fund managers, Towers Watson places Macquarie Group as the largest alternatives and the largest infrastructure manager in the world with US$96 billion under management (all figures are US dollar), followed […]
CIO profiles

Granular asset allocation – David Neal, CIO profile

Many will quickly tell you there is greater return to be made from smart asset allocation than from manager selection, but few investors will jump to expand on this theory the way the Future Fund does. For David Neal, chief investment officer of the fund, strategic portfolio construction is typically done at too high a […]