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AIST viewpoint: budget hits median income earners

Statistical analysis of the Budget changes to super show the Government has cut back on overall fairness to all Australians in terms of tax concessions. Ton Garcia, chief executive of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees explains why.   Last month this column examined the issue of fairness – or to be more precise – […]
Industry View

AIST viewpoint: the impact of pensions at 70

Tom Garcia, chief executive of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees weighs up the impact of pensions at 70 Retirement is about people and policies must work to improve the lives of all, not just those whose work/life experience neatly tracks the actuarial forecasts. While many of us will indeed be living longer and be […]
Policy and Regulation

Budget: the five big changes for superannuation

  “Building on the move by the former Government to increase the pension age eligibility to 67 by 2023, this Government will gradually increase the age of eligibility to 70 by 2035. That is over two decades away.” Joe Hockey, the Treasurer of Australia. The eligibility for the age pension will rise to age 70 […]
Investment Strategy

Budget to unleash infrastructure sell-off

The Federal budget in May is to prioritise measures that will help states sell off brownfield infrastructure assets, the assistant treasurer Arthur Sinodinos has promised. Speaking at a Value Alliance gathering in Sydney, Sinodinos said state governments would be offered incentives to use money gained from asset sales for building new assets – spending that […]
Investment Strategy

Shorten, FSC spar over budget

Australia’s budget was a disappointment for asset managers, according to the Financial Services Council (FSC). The government disagrees, saying its policies have improved fairness, sustainability and efficiency in superannuation. Asset managers, like many who run companies, expected a tax cut in the budget, says Martin Codina, director of policy at the FSC. The lack of […]