Hedge Funds

Internal management to become the norm at large funds

No pension fund in the world has yet insourced the entirety of its fund management or is planning to do so, shows analysis from JPMorgan. Benjie Fraser, managing director and global pensions executive at JPMorgan, speaking at an Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA) seminar tracked the steady growth in the world’s largest pension funds to […]

Better governance can add 100-200bps

Australian super funds can gain an extra 100-200bps of return by overhauling their investment committees, Roger Urwin, global head of investment strategy at Towers Watsons has urged. Speaking at his firm’s annual ideas exchange in Sydney to an audience packed with chief investment officers, he described the change in governance since the GFC as incremental […]

Funds need a benchmark

Cbus is to be applauded for showing the way in transparency, with its latest annual report disclosing more information about the fund’s investments, director and executive remuneration than ever before. It’s clearly a leader and should be recognised for this; it takes courage to jump ahead of the pack when there is no compulsion to […]
Hedge Funds

CalPERS to confront messy absolute return portfolio

Wilshire’s annual review of the US$190 billion CalPERS’ internal risk managed absolute return strategies (RMARS) has revealed a number of anomalies compared with its other global equity investments, including an over-reliance on quantitative tools and inadequate staff compensation incentives. In addition, an examination of the underlying investments in six of the hedge fund-offunds (hedge FoF) […]