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FEAL Annual Conference

Mentor urges executives to change their ways

Delegates at the FEAL National Conference were asked to stand on one foot with their eyes closed to illustrate how a lack of feedback could harm them. Kamal Sarma, chief executive of Rezilium, said that without visual feedback it was harder to balance. He linked the exercise to the danger of having the most junior […]
Policy and Regulation

Young people don’t regret mandatory super

Young Australians are “overwhelmingly grateful” for their superannuation, despite many not making an active decision to join a fund or select an investment strategy, research reveals. The 2014 Net Promoter Score Survey (NPS) revealed very little statistical difference between the levels of regret on super of younger versus older Australians, demonstrating a high level of […]
Policy and Regulation

Political climate right for bipartisan support

The political climate is right for bipartisan support on a range of issues facing superannuation, the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) believes. Presenting ASFA’s research into very high superannuation account balances Pauline Vamos, chief executive, said tax concessions provided the starting point for a bipartisan conversation about superannuation’s role in the wider economy […]

Case study: reflections on a merger

The key players in the merger between AGEST and AustralianSuper revealed some of the secrets of the deal to delegates. AustralianSuper took four years to earn back the $11 million costs of its merger with AGEST it was revealed in a session entitled ‘To Merge or Not To Merge’ at CMSF 2015. The figure was […]
Investment Strategy

Directors personally liable for cyber-attacks

Directors can be held personally liable for destructive cyber-attacks, but super funds are complacent about the mounting threat, a cyber security adviser said in a session entitled ‘The anatomy of a hack’. Carl Woerndle, cyber security advisor at Deloitte, said the chief executive played a critical role in combating attacks and that it was vital […]

AIST’s digital idea

The AIST is to launch a digital innovations department that will seek to create solutions which take advantage of the collective scale of industry funds. The digital innovations department, which will launch in the second half of 2015, comes as part of a pledge made by Tom Garcia, chief executive of AIST, to help not-for-profit […]
Investment Strategy

The start of a smarter debate

An end to ad hoc, populist and rushed policy changes to super by government is being called for by Tom Garcia, chief executive of AIST.  The urgency of this call comes a week after the treasurer Joe Hockey floated the idea of using super to help young people pay for their home or HEC debt. […]

Cbus finds a third way

Most large superannuation funds are looking to increase the amount they manage in-house, but Cbus is resisting the trend and thinks it has found a smarter approach. As a $30 billion Cbus moves up fund size from medium to large fund over the next five years, it is finding greater complexity in achieving further economies of scale. […]