Chris Cuffe

Hedge Funds

Super funds call for intermediaries to innovate in impact investing

The need for intermediaries to innovate to bring scale was a common theme running through institutional investors’ presentations at the inaugural Impact Investment Summit in Sydney during the closing days of October. The Impact Investment Summit in Sydney brought together more than 80 international and domestic speakers, including entrepreneurs backed by Bill Gates, George Soros and Ebay […]
Hedge Funds

HESTA has not specified return target for impact investment fund

HESTA has not specified a return target for its $30 million impact investment fund, reasoning the range of opportunities (including equity, property and debt) was so wide it would be inappropriate to restrict its fund manager in this way. At the beginning of September HESTA announced it had partnered with Social Ventures Australia (SVA) to […]
Policy and Regulation

Chairs say governance changes are unnecessary and risky

The chairs of AvSuper and CareSuper say proposed legislative changes to superannuation boards will increase risk to a sector that has not experienced wide-spread issues with governance. While the chair of UniSuper, who is an independent, was more reticent in his criticism he too foresaw problems with changing the size of boards – a necessary […]

Telstra Super to explore collective defined contribution scheme

Telstra Super is to explore the potential to create a collective defined contribution scheme as a way of avoiding sequencing risk for its members. Chris Davies, chief executive of Telstra Super, says the $17.5 billion fund has the scale to tailor its own pooled investment vehicle that would smooth investment outcomes. He believes the fund […]

Asset management costs predicted to fall to 40-50 bps

Superannuation funds’ asset management costs are destined to fall on average to around 40-50 basis points, predicts Chris Cuffe. The chair of UniSuper speaking at the Frontier Advisors Conference in Melbourne on Tuesday saw the removal of default status for industry funds as one of the key drivers of lower management expense ratios (MERs). Cuffe […]