Investment Strategy

“Outcome-oriented” investment solutions

An environment of low prospective investment returns and relatively high volatility demands more refined, “outcome-oriented” investment solutions, according to the global chief investment officer of Russell Investments, Pete Gunning. Institutional investors and financial planning firms, Gunning says, need to have at their disposal a far wider range of investment options – “componentry”, in Russell’s terms […]
Investment Strategy

Research favours moderate risk, diversified portfolio

When the prospective real return from a traditional 60/40 equities-and-bonds portfolio is less than half the level it has been for the past several decades, investors had better start to think about new ways to generate better performance. Cliff Asness, founding and managing partner of the US-based fund manager AQR Research, said the return from […]
Hedge Funds

How the Future Fund found agility

Using a fund of funds enabled the Future Fund to build a large exposure to hedge funds quickly during the global financial crisis, chief investment officer of the Future Fund, David Neal told delegates at the Conexus Financial Alternatives Conference last Thursday. The Future Fund, which uses a combination of fund of funds and direct […]
Investment Strategy

David Hobart’s unique state of mind

For hedge fund manager David Hobart it’s all about getting one’s head in the right space. That means getting rid of “flawed and reactive” feelings that may interfere with objective investment decisions. Hobart needs to meditate, not in the conventional sense of sitting on the beach and, in his words, adopting the lotus position. What […]