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J. P. Morgan hires to boost treasury services

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank has hired six new staff for its treasury services unit as it seeks to take business away from Australia’s biggest banks by selling global financial products to companies. The New York-based bank by the end of the year will have spent about $4.3 billion globally since 2009 on treasury and securities […]
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Macfarlane ignores most business reporting

Ian Macfarlane is content to ignore most business reporting. The former Reserve Bank of Australia governor did, however, read the work of six or so economic reporters. “We talked to the press who had a long-standing commitment to the beat,” says Macfarlane. “Part of your job is getting your message out to the wider public.” […]
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Brigitte Smith’s risky attractions

Some years ago Brigitte Smith was in Idaho with a US Army general. They were trying to clean up a toxic waste site. “A teaspoon of this stuff will kill you,” the general told Smith as she sought samples of toxic waste. “Be careful.” Smith, the co-founder of GBS Venture Partners, is now used to […]
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John Howard, Hugh Dougherty and investing

New York City. Turn of the century. Markets are booming. Champagne is flowing. Good times. A group of Australian chief executives has been flown to the city that never sleeps by investment bankers, Merrill Lynch. The CEOs are in a hotel conference room together with the chief investment officers of firms such as Capital Asset […]
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Clarius hiring findings dire

Hiring in asset management in the first half of this year is expected to be stagnant but there may be cause for optimism in the second half, a study by employment firm Clarius Group says. There was no recruitment in the Christmas-New Year period. In February there has been very “moderate requirement,” says Paul Barbaro, […]
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Silicon Valley in Brisbane? Bob Christiansen says why not

Bob Christiansen spent about 23 years outside Australia helping to start companies and getting to know some of the biggest names in venture capital. When he returned to his country in 1998 it was to Brisbane. Now Christiansen backs promising Australian entrepreneurs as a managing director at Southern Cross Venture Partners, jetting to the firm’s […]