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Why super funds should invest in social housing

The China Investment Corporation (CIC) has taken advantage of the low Australian dollar to purchase nine office towers in Melbourne and Sydney for $2.45 billion, making it reportedly the biggest direct real estate transaction in Australia’s history. A second announcement that has received less media scrutiny is the NSW government advertising campaign on how Sydney’s infrastructure […]
Hedge Funds

Future Fund puts high-fees to work

The Future Fund is favouring labour intensive, and therefore higher fee, strategies in areas where too much capital has been flowing to generic low-fee strategies resulting in high prices and low returns. David Neal, managing director of Future Fund, clarified to delegates at ASFA Investment Interchange that fees across the asset management industry are “too […]
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Super funds consider real asset cut-backs over pricing concerns

An abundance of liquidity is driving the price of infrastructure and core property to levels where super funds are exploring tactical sell-offs. Some clients of Frontier Advisors are contemplating such moves after receiving research that global investors with lower return targets are prepared to pay more for these assets. The research carried out by Ashley […]