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Super Friend attracts government interest

Programs created by Super Friend to cut suicide rates by making workplaces a centre for helping those at risk of mental illness is attracting government interest. Mental health initiatives typically focus on individual members, but Super Friend’s pilot makes members aware of themselves and their colleagues. It also recognises that being connected to the workplace […]
Investment Strategy

Editor’s Pick #4

New York Times reports police have begun clearing Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park of Occupy Wall Street protestors.   The rigours of today’s tennis schedule are chiefly to blame for the sorry condition of the sport’s elite players DealBook: A Wave of Partner Retirements at Goldman Sachs #Egypt guards beat 118 detain migrants from #Eritrea, including 40 granted #refugee status, […]

Time for action on governance but who should be the catalyst?

When Barack Obama was awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize it tended to overshadow all other prizes, including the one for economics. The Nobel prize for economics went to two US academics, Elinor Ostrom of Indiana University and Oliver Williamson of University of California Berkeley, for years of work into the efficiency of institutions, such […]