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Policy and Regulation

AIST and Mercer create super think-tank

The much mooted idea of a government funded policy advice research institute for superannuation has been pre-empted by a partnership between the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees and Mercer. Dubbed the AIST-Mercer Super Tracker, the body will publish yearly updates on the relative fairness of tax concessions on superannuation for high and low income earners […]

Motor super head: Leeanne Turner at MTAA

Leeanne Turner started working in public service pension schemes before the superannuation guarantee charge was made compulsory and has seen most of the big changes since then first hand. One of the most significant was at the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme, which in her time switched its control from a commissioner to a board of trustees. […]

Funds keep cool in super tax heat

Teenagers are more likely to suffer from depression if they see their parents arguing often. In a Cambridge University research paper published late last year, it was claimed that those who witness frequent arguments and possess a gene making them more sensitive are significantly more likely to become depressed. The findings are important but hardly […]