Qsuper ups the ante on value

Members of QSuper who use its new mortgage-advice service will receive half of the broking commission from any deal, one of a growing number of innovative offers from banks and funds fighting for market share. The rollout through QSuper’s financial advice arm, QInvest, is likely to be of most benefit to those in their 30s […]

Super funds rank low
in customer service

According to the old adage, the customer is always right, but that’s no longer the case, says Angela Baker, general manager of customer experience and insights at ME Bank. “The focus now is not so much on the customers being right all the time and delivering an experience that delights customers, but actually just getting […]
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Super funds must change, says Tria

Superannuation funds are under pressure as investor behaviour changes, particularly because of technology, says Andrew Baker, managing partner at asset management consultants Tria Investment Partners. “Business models of super funds are under a lot of pressure and the degree to which they are has probably been underestimated,” says Baker. “Regulatory changes and markets have been […]
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AMP CEO: 2008 changed asset management

Craig Dunn, AMP’s chief executive, says the 2008 global financial crisis has perhaps changed asset managers’ relationships with their customers forever. “People are less trusting than they once were,” says Dunn, 48. “There is a lot of focus on liquidity.” Dunn, who became chief executive officer in January 2008, says now consumers of financial products […]
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AMP sacks ING, Barclays, BT – hires self

AMP’s $5 billion Signature Super corporate master trust has culled $60 million worth of single-manager investment options with ING Investment Management, Barclays Global Investors, and BT Investment Management, transferring members into its own Future Directions funds.
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How to start the insurance conversation with members

The fear of giving members ‘financial advice’ is keeping super funds from talking directly to their members about insurance. In advance of this month’s Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees Insurance Symposium, STEPHEN SHORE hears the industry’s case for being allowed to talk death, TPD and income protection with members, and about how they can best […]