David Gonski


Gonski’s guidance to boards

In March 2014 at the Conference of Major Super Funds (CMSF) on the Gold Coast, David Gonski, the chair of ANZ Bank and Coca Cola Amatil and a member of numerous other boards, gave a highly influential speech to a full house of industry fund representatives on what good governance looks like. He gave a […]
Investment Strategy

Gonski urges funds to embrace independents

David Gonski has urged industry superannuation funds not to fear the switch to a one-third independent trustee model, and to search for like-minded independents. The chair of the ANZ Bank and Coca Cola Amatil, and the former chair of the Future Fund, advises superannuation funds instead to spend time choosing the appropriate candidates to serve […]
Hedge Funds

Funds and ASX companies to get to know each other better

The Governance Institute of Australia has launched Principles and Guidelines for the interaction between institutional investors and ASX listed companies. At the launch yesterday, David Gonski, chair of ANZ and former chair of the Future Fund, endorsed the principles and the need for companies and their shareholders to have open and honest communication and interactions. […]

Opinion: The case for younger trustees

There are advocates for more independent trustees, for more women on boards, more ethnic representation and those who generally talk up the virtues of diversity, but where are the advocates for 20-30 something trustees? We are all on a path from youth to older age and so perhaps it is not generally seen as a […]
Hedge Funds

Risk rises by degrees at Future Fund

The Future Fund is focused on building a portfolio of “somewhat risky assets” in order to achieve its government-mandated return, says its chair, David Gonski. “The government has the right to proclaim mandates for the board, and the current and original mandate set a target benchmark return for the fund of CPI plus 4.5 to […]

Maverick Series video – Gonski part VI

If the average length of stay by shareholders in the top 200 US companies is 20 minutes, what is the impact of that on long-term investing? Watch David Gonski, chairman of the Future Fund, share his views on high-frequency trading and the economics of investment.