David Murray

Policy and Regulation

The government’s response to FSI decoded

It has taken the Treasury 10 months to make its response to the Financial System Inquiry. After all that time, the response is not as detailed or as forthcoming as some might have hoped. Investment Magazine reads between the lines to decode the Treasury’s 387 word statement on how it will respond to the FSI’s […]

New rights for consumers will change investment choices in super

The right to corporate responsibility and the right to privacy for the consumer could join the four foundational consumer rights in law and policy globally. Addressing a room filled with some of the best from the superannuation sector Jenni Mack, founder of consumer advocacy group the Superannuation Consumers Centre, said fund members will increasingly demand […]

How actuaries came out on top in FSI report

I have seen David Murray speak three times over the past year and interviewed him for an hour at the office he shared with ASIC in Sydney. What has been growingly apparent from these encounters is his resistance to charm, to being swayed by emotion or to be distracted by tangential detail. As such, many […]
Investment Strategy

FSI: Threat of banks gaming the system denied

The threat of banks exploiting their business relationships with employers to cross-sell retail superannuation funds has been foiled by recommendations in the Financial System Inquiry (FSI), according to Industry Super Australia. David Whiteley, chief executive of the organisation representing industry funds, noted that several sections of the report will limit the ability of banks to […]