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New Zealand Super Fund takes advantage of changing liquidity premiums

Changing liquidity premiums and a long time horizon allow the NZ$29 billion sovereign wealth fund, New Zealand Super Fund, to access new investment opportunities. Liquidity premiums are appearing in niches because of the changing activities of the banking sector, essentially in areas where investment banks, brokers and hedge funds were actively involved pre-GFC. “One of […]

Profile: David Rae, head of investment analysis at NZ Super

The NZ$25.5 billion NZSuper (AUS$23.6 billion) is intended to reduce the tax burden on future taxpayers to fund New Zealand Superannuation, the retirement benefit paid to eligible citizens by the Federal Government. The government is not scheduled to make withdrawals from it until 2029-30 and the fund will peak about the same time today’s four […]
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ESG rethink can add 40 basis points per month: Hermes

Rigorous Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management can deliver an extra 40 basis points per month according to Saker Nusseibeh, CEO and head of investment at Hermes Fund Managers. “Where it [ESG] really matters for performance is in consistently avoiding bad governance. You can add 40 basis points per month… Per month!” Nusseibeh told a […]