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Graeme Miller: lets resolve growth/ defensive debate

I have followed with great interest the debate that has been taking place in your magazine over recent weeks about the classification of “growth” and “defensive” assets for superannuation funds.  This is an important topic, and the current discussion and debate is timely. The primary purpose of superannuation is to provide retirement income. By its […]
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Brad Holzberger: a new way of measuring performance

The debate on how asset classes are categorised as growth and defensive has arisen again. I can recall debating this many times since superannuation performance surveys began to achieve prominence. The matter is deemed important because it enables super funds to categorise their default option into the central balanced (61 – 80) category and thereby […]
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Definition of ‘growth’ distorts performance tables

Funds are being accused of gaming the success of their MySuper products by understating the level of growth assets. Analysis by PwC of the strategic asset allocations for 30 funds in the SuperRatings SR 50 Balanced (60-76) index per cent survey has shown a wide variety of interpretation for growth assets. The implications are large. […]