Investment Strategy

The highs and lows of 2015

When we quizzed a group of leading figures and funds to pick their biggest causes for celebration in 2015, the special outcomes from the growing scale and sophistication of the very largest superannuation funds stood out. Where the industry has pulled together on investment fees and product innovation there have been further triumphs. The triumphs […]
Hedge Funds

Benchmarking urged for internal teams

Funds managing assets in-house should report to their members on how these assets have performed versus properly constructed market based benchmarks, according to an advisor at PwC. David St. John, urged an audience of 37 institutional investors to raise their standards of reporting voluntarily, but said that if this did not happen then regulatory intervention […]
Hedge Funds

Outflow of capital as superannuation heads to 200% of GDP

With the superannuation system projected to reach 200 per cent of GDP in the next 20 years capital will increasingly flow out of the country as super funds seek investment opportunities overseas, according to Deloitte. From a macroeconomic perspective this will compound the problems brought about by an ageing population, particularly as the old-age support […]
Investment Strategy

PWC sees tech as a threat to super

PwC “certainly” sees digital disruption as a threat to superannuation in a new age of digital business. Speaking on a panel at FEAL’s annual conference in Melbourne Chuck Lyman, partner at PWC, outlined how easy it has become to start a fintech, with the cost over the past five years dropping from $5 million to […]
Policy and Regulation

Removing superannuation from tax debate disappointing

A leading tax expert has expressed disappointment as the Government continues with its “blinkered” decision to remove superannuation from the tax debate. John Randall, superannuation partner at Deloitte, said the point of a review process was to have a serious, holistic think about what’s going to happen, but if GST, superannuation, or even fringe tax […]
Policy and Regulation

Political climate right for bipartisan support

The political climate is right for bipartisan support on a range of issues facing superannuation, the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) believes. Presenting ASFA’s research into very high superannuation account balances Pauline Vamos, chief executive, said tax concessions provided the starting point for a bipartisan conversation about superannuation’s role in the wider economy […]

Sunsuper’s Russian data scientist wows CMSF

Sunsuper’s new data scientist wowed a large audience at CMSF with a case study of how predictive modelling helped successfully allocate staffing to achieve a member campaign to roll over legacy accounts. Kirill Eremenko, a trained mathematician with a background in analysis at Deloitte, told delegates how Sunsuper has conducted five separate targeted member SuperMatch […]