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Technology helps trustee transparency but also regulator scrutiny

Jeffrey Leckstein, head of Australia at Bloomberg, explains how technology is improving transparency for investors but also how regulators are using it for accountability. As global growth converges towards a slower speed, more funds in Australia are utilising derivatives to achieve investment objectives and manage exposures, leaving trustees and boards increasingly concerned about the associated risks. Many […]
Investment Strategy

Diversification pulls up Perpetual

It might only have $100 million under management, but Perpetual’s Diversified Real Return Fund has a major role to play in the future of the fund manager as it rebounds from recent turmoil. Perpetual’s roller coaster ride is well known in the industry. The $1.2 billion that walked out the door when John Sevior left […]
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Zeptonics to revolutionise securities trading

In the Sydney offices of Zeptonics near Circular Quay, books by the Dalai Lama sit alongside those by Isaac Asimov. Like the famed science-fiction writer, Zeptonics’s staff is dreaming of new technology that will revolutionise trading on Wall Street, hoping it is seamlessly adopted by asset managers, brokers and high-frequency traders. Today Zeptonics unveils its […]
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JPMorgan treasury services calls in its bankers

Superannuation funds and asset managers want advice on derivatives, investments in Asia, mergers and regulatory changes and JPMorgan has four bankers servicing such needs, says Robert Bedwell, a managing director at JPMorgan. Bedwell says his colleagues have been asked over the last 18 months about how changes in US law may affect their investments.  JPMorgan […]
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ASX to liberalise equity option trading from April

ASX Group will allow investors to trade equity options for any date from April 30. “Investment managers can trade an equity option with any expiry date and electable strike price,” says David Stocken, senior manager for institutional sales at the ASX. “There are no International Swaps and Derivatives Association requirements.” About 25 per cent of […]
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Australian banks may take stake in new exchange

Money Market and Debt Exchange Ltd., Australia’s first electronic money market repurchase agreement and interest rate derivative exchange, will invite the country’s biggest banks to take as much as a 50 per cent stake in the company. Money Market and Debt Exchange are demonstrating their electronic platform to Australian banks and investment banks. It doesn’t […]
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ASX technology executive to leave

ASX Group, whose primary and backup trading systems shut down on October 27, says its group executive for technology will depart, but not immediately. Jeff Olsson will leave the ASX in July. He has worked at the company for 15 years. “It was Jeff’s decision to leave,” says an ASX spokesman. Olsson’s departure “is unrelated […]