Hedge Funds

Academic study favours smaller fund managers

A desire for diversification is diluting the best ideas of active managers, shows a study carried out by Professor Ron Bird, a director of the Paul Woolley Centre. A study of stocks held by US mutual funds from 1995-2012 has led Bird to the conclusion that many would be better off sticking to their best […]

Towards defined ambition

Speaking at last week’s Post-Retirement Conference, held by Conexus Financial in association with AIST, Scott Pappas said the defined benefit is “dying”. He argues that funds need to extract the benefits of such a plan in a sustainable model, namely defined ambition plans, which offer collective defined contribution (DC) schemes and money-back guarantees. “Collective DC […]
Hedge Funds

Axioms and action for
asset allocation

Recently David Neal, chief investment officer of the Australian Government Future Fund, reportedly said: “The Future Fund operates as a single portfolio… rather than breaking allocation into various sectors as is traditionally done. …Every idea should instead be evaluated against every other idea with strategies directly compared to assess the marginal benefit of where each […]