Dynamic Asset Allocation

Hedge Funds

The dawn of the multi-asset fund

Some of the most vindicated fund managers in a lacklustre year for markets are those running dynamic multi-asset funds. Funds run by the likes of Aviva Investors, Invesco, Schroders and Standard Life Investments are in line for a string of institutional wins by the end of the year. All lived up to their promise in […]
Hedge Funds

Conservative options face grim five-year forecast

A scenario analysis tool developed by Frontier Advisors is confronting superannuation funds with the likelihood that their return objectives could be difficult to achieve over the medium term. The consultant has been offering its web based Prism tool to clients since April to allow them to carry out stress testing of portfolios and to see […]
Hedge Funds

Mark Delaney fears a stampede out of equities

A market wide deleveraging out of equities could be the next big investment risk facing superannuation funds, Mark Delaney, chief investment officer of Australian Super has warned. Speaking in a debate on dynamic and tactical asset allocation strategies, Delaney saw the risk caused by the similarity of investor positions. “We’re still overweight stocks. Everyone’s in […]
Investment Strategy

Big funds tailor infrastructure to their liking

Large to medium sized funds are increasingly ordering tailored infrastructure portfolios that can be skewed for characteristics such as growth, inflation protection and liquidity. The trend, which is being seen by AMP Capital, is also being encouraged by APRA regulation which calls on trustees to demonstrate they have chosen investments to meet their specific risk […]
Investment Strategy

First State Super no longer a traditional investor

First State Super will see its internal investment team rise from 12 to around 22 people over the next six months as part of a push for a more dynamic approach to opportunities. The broader internal expertise is intended to help make smarter decisions on strategic asset allocation and in the choice of fund managers, […]
Investment Strategy

Jana cautious but Mercer positive on investment growth

All five of the major consultancy firms have a gloomy outlook on investment growth, but while several see hope in dynamic asset allocation, Jana Investment Advisers has urged investors to readjust their expectations. Representatives from each firm were quizzed by Sean Henaghan, investment director of AMP Capital at the Investment Management Consultants Association’s annual conference […]