Lally one of highest paid super executives

Former Sunsuper chief executive Tony Lally was paid more than $811,000 in remuneration in his final year at the fund. The $24-billion fund’s 2013 financial statements show him to be one of the industry’s highest paid executives. The average fund chief executive received a 5.7 per cent pay rise to $333,087 in 2012-13, according to […]
Investment Strategy

Fiduciaries and investors ‘divided’ over inflation

There is a fundamental disconnect emerging between fiduciaries, and their underlying “real” investors, on whether deflation or inflation is the prevailing investment theme, according to The Canonbury Group’s Pippa Malmgrem. The political and policy consultant to global investors was speaking directly after attending the annual central bankers’ summer retreat at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where for […]