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Kinetic Super pursues diversification at the board level

Kinetic Super has appointed Jodie Leonard as an independent director to its board, concurrently meeting two of its objectives; increased gender diversity, and getting ahead of proposed legislation to have one-third independents. Gender diversity has been advocated by the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI), with a recently commissioned study showing a doubling (to 20 […]
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Independents “inevitable” – what about diversity?

The compulsory appointment of independent directors to superannuation fund boards is “inevitable within 18 months” believes Deloitte superannuation partner, Russell Mason, who sees it is an opportunity to address lack of diversity. Mason is urging funds to stop seeing the move as a threat, and instead to embrace it as an opportunity to build their […]

Profile: Frank Gullone, chair of Kinetic Super

Frank Gullone explains the reinvention of Professional Associations Super as Kinetic Super, and its omnipresent online brand awareness campaign. The promotion of Kinetic Super as the new name for Professional Associations Super – along with its distinctive light blue, light red and white branding – has been hard to ignore over the past nine months. […]
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Industry funds pre-empt Arthur Sinodinos

Industry funds are taking steps to appoint independent trustees ahead of any government decree forcing them to do so. In contrast to media reports that have depicted industry fund boards as fighting the Treasury proposal to have at least a third of their directors independent of employer or employee organisations, several funds are already changing […]