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Short-term contracts harm long term value

‘Long-term investors’ will remain short-term investors until they move beyond three year contracts with external managers, according to Saker Nusseibeh, chief executive of Hermes. Challenging delegates at the Equities Summit to question accepted beliefs, Nusseibeh said a bias to owning ‘quality companies’ without carrying out engagement to improve governance was another common investor deceit. The […]
Hedge Funds

The rationale for in-house management

Christian Super, a $1 billion fund, insourced its impact investing portfolio because despite searching for a fund manager they couldn’t find one to take what they felt was a compelling investment case. Presenting at the Fiduciary Investors’ Symposium the fund shared its experience of moving insourcing, including cash and domestic fixed income, which were brought […]

Diverse partnerships likely in retirement product development

An increase in diverse partnerships with financial service providers is likely as super funds attempt to develop attractive post-retirement products, the Post-Retirement Conference heard. These partnerships will likely include fund managers, insurers and investment banks as well as larger funds offering products to smaller funds. Nicolette Rubinsztein, general manager of retirement and advocacy at Colonial […]

Legal pitfalls for funds in tender documents

A little understood legal principle could turn your next outsourcing exercise into an expensive headache, says David Galloway, in house lawyer for a leading super fund. By sending out a request for submission or tender document the issuer will almost always create a side contract called a process contract, exposing it to legal action if […]