gender diversity

Investment Strategy

Simple steps to increase gender diversity

Changing the way in which job adverts are written and requiring search firms to include relevant female candidates have been recommended to increase gender diversity in the investment industry. Heather Brilliant, CFA board member and chief executive of Morningstar Australia, told attendees at the CFA Societies’ Australia Investment Conference in Sydney, that single sex investment […]
Investment Strategy

Prime Super open to female director

Prime Super is to make gender diversity a consideration when replacing the HIP Super trustees who resigned following the merger of the two funds in May. The fund, which currently has only six directors, is one of less than 10 superannuation funds without a female director on its board. Martin Day chief executive of St […]

Independents “inevitable” – what about diversity?

The compulsory appointment of independent directors to superannuation fund boards is “inevitable within 18 months” believes Deloitte superannuation partner, Russell Mason, who sees it is an opportunity to address lack of diversity. Mason is urging funds to stop seeing the move as a threat, and instead to embrace it as an opportunity to build their […]
Hedge Funds

Room for diversity

Australian supernnuation-fund boards suffer from “similarity selection bias” in selecting trustees and by doing so limit their opportunities to act, according to human-capital partner at Deloitte, Juliet Bourke. Bourke, who leads the national diversity and inclusion practice at Deloitte, says people are attracted to other people who are fundamentally the same as themselves. “We need […]