Hedge Funds

Is the next financial crisis due in 2016/17?

Financial crises occur every nine years on average and each time they occur they reset finance theory – fiduciaries should beware. This is the central theme of a book Crisis and Complexity written by Ross Barry, the head of research at First State Super, which explores a dozen economic and financial catastrophes since the Mississippi […]
Investment Strategy

Stress endemic among super executive teams

Executives in financial services and superannuation funds  are “chronically stressed” and internal teams are showing wear and tear according to Kamal Sarma, a consultant and personal coach. “We’re seeing people struggle to keep up with level of intensity required of them. A lot of people are overwhelmed by it,” said Sarma, who provides coaching seminars […]

QSuper reveals its next challenges

If MySuper were not complicated enough, then QSuper went one further with eight cohort strategies to meet member needs. Rosermary Vilgan, the fund’s CEO explains why the fund is still evolving. The evolution of QSuper is not slowing down. There might be rivals wishing that were not so, or potentially those who have to implement […]
Hedge Funds

Retirement income did not fall for most in GFC: QSuper

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) never happened in income terms. That’s the new finding from QSuper that’s causing it to rethink the way it communicates to members. Brad Holzberger chief investment officer at QSuper, has described the find as “astonishing”. “If we’d known this, we would’ve communicated it very differently to members at the time,” […]
Investment Strategy

Big funds tailor infrastructure to their liking

Large to medium sized funds are increasingly ordering tailored infrastructure portfolios that can be skewed for characteristics such as growth, inflation protection and liquidity. The trend, which is being seen by AMP Capital, is also being encouraged by APRA regulation which calls on trustees to demonstrate they have chosen investments to meet their specific risk […]