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AIST’s agenda 2015/16

Tom Garcia, chief executive of AIST talked to David Rowley, editor of Investment Magazine about tax, policy, education, campaigning and events. How is tax reform going to impact super? We are going to use the government’s tax white paper to think deeply about what ideas and solutions we can put forward, that delivers greater fairness, adequacy and sustainability. That means we are going to have […]
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Ways of investing in China: AIST Global Dialogue

Delegates at the recent AIST Global Dialogue tour heard of several ways that superannuation funds could invest in China’s amazing continued rate of growth. The value of Chinese equities has fallen from around 35 times earnings in 2007 to below 10 times earnings now. This is a clear buying opportunity for Stuart Rae, chief investment […]
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Is China an emerging market?

With all its industrial might, should China be labelled an emerging economy? The second largest economy in the world is transitioning from one best known for its cheap clothes, plastic goods and household electronics to one that is helping developed and less-developed nations alike to build infrastructure. The bullet trains that took members of the […]