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Smart beta evolves

The name smart beta originates from Towers Watson and for Tim Unger head of advisory portfolio management at the firm, its key purpose and use by investors is to side step certain expensive fund management products. “It’s enabled investors to substantially reduce the costs of accessing strategies that were largely beta like in nature, but […]
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Emerging markets: yield in a flat landscape?

United States fund manager Neuberger Berman, which manages around $775 million in funds for Australian institutional investors, has added its voice to the chorus claiming that emerging markets will be a key investment theme of 2013. Alan Dorsey, the New York-based head of investment strategy and risk for Neuberger Berman, says that 2013 could herald […]
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The evolution of global bonds

The global bond market is in the midst of a giant step in its evolution from a market dominated by developed-country debt to a much more diverse market that better reflects today’s global economy. Evolution is a long process, but the sovereign-debt challenges in Europe suggest the bond market’s evolution is picking up speed. Accordingly, […]