Graeme Arnott

Investment Strategy

Three-day roll-overs adds to list of compliance woes

Difficulties meeting the three day turn around for member transfers, a statutory obligation from January 1, 2014, has brought renewed concern at the practicality of super funds coping with regulation. Graeme Arnott, chief operating officer at First State Super, said that his fund and much of the industry were under “immense pressure” to carry out […]
Policy and Regulation

MySuper: on time, biding time

First State Super’s chief operating officer Graeme Arnott is concerned at the amount of MySuper regulations that remain unresolved as the launch date approaches. However, he has pledged to take the fund’s MySuper product live on July 1, unlike funds such as Sunsuper, which is delaying the launch of its products to more easily comply […]
Investment Strategy

Custody isn’t all about price, says First State

Custodians should present information in a simplified way so that trustee fund boards can make decisions promptly, says Graeme Arnott, chief operating officer at First State Super. “Custodians must de-emphasise price and emphasise services,” says Arnott, a former custodian himself. Arnott says he wants “healthy competition” and isn’t fixated on price when deciding on custody […]